Bar pullers are used to provide unattended (automated) machining/turning for CNC lathes. This simple aspect of the bar puller allows the operator to run multiple machines concurrently. Bar pullers are used as an economical replacement for bar feeders. Both mechanisms advance material through the spindle of a CNC lathe. Bar feeders are mounted at the infeed side of the lathe headstock and push the material from outside the machine. Bar Pullers are mounted inside the machine typically on the lathe turret.

   There are several differences between bar pullers and bar feeders. Bar feeders are 10 to 50 times more expensive than bar pullers. Bar feeders require substantial floor space and extensive setup – they must be securely anchored to the floor, precisely aligned with the spindle of the lathe, and electronically interfaced with the machine control. Bar pullers take up one space in the lathe turret. Most bar pullers require mechanical adjustment.



  The EZ-Puller from Accudyne Products is easy to set up, easy to use. The EZ-Puller requires no mechanical adjustment, it accommodates round, hex, or square stock without spindle orientation (M19). The unique design of the EZ-Puller provides perfect gripping force regardless of bar size (watch the video where we pull 2.00″ diameter steel bar gripping only .130″ diameter). Other benefits of the EZ-Puller are that it will self-adjust to an infinite range of sizes within its capacity, allowing multiple pulls, and pulling bars with minimal projection in front of the chuck – this makes for a more rigid setup.