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The Story Behind the Products

As machinists, we stand together as a community of unique, creative, problem solvers – we like to figure things out. It is this notion of problem solving that drives us to make improvements in the way things are done. If you have an idea or a dream about a product that will improve your life and the life of others, I strongly encourage you to follow your dream. The extra effort you put in will pay great dividends in the future.

The Story Behind The Products

About EZ-Puller


The EZ-Puller bar puller came about because of the frustration and time wasted setting up, and fine-tuning traditional bar pullers.

In my own job-shop, our lathe work is often short-run (10 – 50 or 500 – 1000 piece) jobs. In most cases, the short run nature of the job does not warrant the lengthy set up of a traditional bar puller – it takes too much time. However, running jobs without a bar puller meant we had to have an operator in front of the machine to manually pull the bar after each part was completed. To me this was lost production time, I needed a bar puller that could be set up for any bar diameter – within the range of the tool – in seconds. The tool needed to be reliable, repeatable, rapid, and rugged enough to stand up to hundreds of thousands, if not millions of pulls.

A few prototypes and modifications later, I had this excellent tool that does exactly what I wanted it to do and even more. The EZ-Puller can pull not only round, but octagon, hex and square stock – without spindle orientation (M19). You can watch this happen in the video. To change from one bar size to another bar size, all that is required is to change one number, the “X” value (destination) in your bar pull routine. The “X” value is provided in the chart which comes with the tool. The chart is also on the website in a printable PDF located on the instruction (support) page.

The Big EZ was soon added to accommodate larger bar stock sizes, but operates in the same repeatable and productively efficient way. The range for this tool is 1.750″ to 3.25″ round stock.

Due to high customer demand, we have introduced an expanded capacity bar puller that has a range of .093″ to 2.000“. The part number for this tool is EP-12045.

Our products are designed with longevity and repeatability in mind, and are manufactured in the USA. They are built to last! That’s why we can offer a two-year warranty, and a 60-day money back guarantee.

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Accudyne Products Mission

Increase accuracy, productivity and profits on the machine shop floor by introducing unique and innovative tools that will benefit the machinists who choose to use them.